Blogging Experiences!

Hey blogging buddies, how are you guys? I am here to talk about my blogging experiences throughout the year. In the beginning I really enjoyed it and couldn’t wait to start, but my interest has decreased since then. I had more homework, projects, and assignments to complete. As much as I wanted to blog, I really didn’t find the time to do it. I had a fun time visiting other people’s blogs, and I LOVED leaving comments. I also really liked comments being left on my posts.

I learned a lot of new tricks, techniques, and short cuts with my blog. All thanks to my amazing english teacher, Mrs. Rombach. Thank you so much! 🙂 I find it a little too much work to blog, but when I find something I really want to post I don’t hesitate at all. What about you? How often do you blog? I adored visiting other people’s blogs and reading their interesting and meaningful posts, and I hope to do that more often.

Thank you so much for offering this awesome experience to me, I certainly took pleasure in having it! I hope to see future posts and comments from you guys, and I’ll try to blog more often. Recently I have been studying for my math SOL, so after I take it I’ll focus on blogging. 🙂

~ mariya

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Tragedy Strikes in Nepal!

Hey blogging buddies, what’s going on? Did any of you hear about the terrible, disaster that took place in Nepal? It is just so sad! 🙁 Imagine all those people who have lost lives, friends, family and homes. It just tears my heart apart to think about it! It will be terribly hard for Nepal to recover from all of this damage, so I encourage you to do all you can to help. This blog post is part of a challenge that Namitha started. Huge shout out to her for being so kind, amazing and trying to help with WORDS. She believes that we can all do something to help those who suffered such damage, and I agree with her! Make a difference with your WORDS!! Thank you so much Namitha. 🙂 I hope you guys are motivated to make a difference for all the citizens of Nepal, and continue to help with your WORDS!!! Make sure to leave your URL in the comments so I know who did the challenge! Also, make sure to let Namitha know too she will be extremely delighted. 🙂

~ mariya

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My Never Poem!

I Have Never


I have never climbed the tallest man on earth of all time

or committed the greatest most dangerous crime

I have never played poker with a perky koala

or met the Muslim country’s Allah


I have never cooked a full size poop

or eaten a lollipop with a green loop

I have never seen my dad in a pink tu-tu

or visited the completely blue Timbuktu


I have never formed the largest queue for a movie

or had a chimpanzee over that was super groovy

I have never had a sleepover with president Obama

or had the long, stretchy legs of a llama


I have never met a gray cow named Jerry

or danced at prom with a pink fairy

I regret all the things I have never done

and I realize I have missed out on all the fun


Inspired by Shel Silverstein

Slow and Steady Wins the Race!

Hello fellow bloggers, I am extremely sorry I have not been active over the past few months. I would love to start hearing more comments from all of you again! I really miss you guys. We are supposed to write about our favorite something, so I chose to write about my favorite swim style. So here it goes……

My absolute favorite swim style of all time is breaststroke, and I love it! I think ever since I was little it has been my favorite, and now that I’m older and on a swim team, breaststroke is still my preferred choice. My most-loved part about it is definitely the kicking. Even if we just kick with a kick board or we kick on our back, I still enjoy it. I don’t even mind trying harder to kick, because the pain is bearable. It’s also the slowest swim of all the four, but that doesn’t make it any easier! Some people absolutely despise breaststroke, and I still don’t understand why.

I learned to swim when I was about 3 years old, but I have always loved water since I was a baby. Baths were always my favorite part of the day. My mom said whenever I saw a puddle or water, my first instinct was to go and play in it. I also remember being jealous of others when they were allowed to play in water and I wasn’t. Also, the very first kick I learned was breaststroke kick, so it happens to be my strongest. Every summer I go to the Black Sea in Bulgaria, and I swim in the sea almost everyday. What else can I say? I have always loved the water.

Next come my experiences with swimming on a swim team, and to warn you they are not the most fun. The first thing we do every single day when we jump in the water is our warm-up, and following is always some sort of set. After we finish one set, we do another one which is typically harder. After we finish two very exhausting sets, comes the dive and sprint part. Now let me tell you that if you liked whichever style we swam in the sets, you will not be very tired up till this point. If you didn’t enjoy the style that we swam, you will in fact be very exhausted. We start our dives from this block thing, and sprint a certain distance and style which she tells us. If it wasn’t for my friends that I swim with, swim team would be extremely boring. Do you love the water? What is your favorite swim style? 


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5- minute Friday!


Laughter. Such a wonderful feeling, huh? I just love it when someone makes me laugh!  Laughter brings joy to people and makes them feel good about life. It’s so amazing how some people can make you laugh when you don’t even want to smile. I think that the people that can make you smile or laugh are truly important and you should keep them in your life forever. Like someone once said . . . “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” (That is in my blog if you didn’t notice!)

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Top 10 things I get nervous about. (First is the worst.)

  1. SOL’S
  2. Swim meets
  3. School tests
  4. Math
  5. Races
  6. Performances
  7. When the teacher yells at you
  8. Speaking in front of a large group of people
  9. Talking to adults
  10. Doctor

~One Little Word~


By: Mariya, January 16th

This year my New Year resolution is to become more selfless, and try to put others needs before mine if possible. Now you may be wondering why I chose this word, well here’s why. I chose this word because I feel that even if I am kind,smart, or brave it is not enough, and that I need to be more of something else. I also felt the need to pick this word because people often do strange things because of vain, such as becoming greedy or spending their time doing selfish things. The last reason why I chose this word is because I would rather spend my time in a useful or helpful way than spending it doing something that does not benefit anybody or anything. I hope this word will guide me throughout my year and everyday activities by propelling me forward and thinking that I am doing this for the best of reasons. Those above are the following reasons why I chose the word SELFLESS!

I am incredibly sorry that I haven’t been blogging! I have just been really busy and occupied lately! Anyways, enough with the excuses for me!!! Ok so that was my one little word essay and I really hope you liked it! I would absolutely LOVE for you guys to comment and leave links so I have more blogs to visit! It’s time to get busy!




Top Ten Things That Make Me Smile!

Hey blogging buddies,

We have a class assignment to make a top 10 list. I decided to do top 10 things that make me smile because then readers have a visual idea of what puts a smile on your face. I am really excited to be sharing this with you guys today and I hope you like it! I would also like to see some of your top ten lists. So don’t forget to leave a comment down bellow on what you think, and also make sure to leave your URL link so I can come and visit your blog.

10. Books

time is running out
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9. Starbucks…..

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8. Cute cat pictures…..

.Crazy Kitten? // Nikkor 50mm 1.4
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 7. Stuffed animals…..

Taking in the sun...
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6. Candy….

138:365 - Gummi Orange
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5. My phone…..

toddler apps
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4. Snow….

Frozen Vista
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3. Christmas…..

Santa came!
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2.The beach…

Slice of paradise
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1. Friends and family…..

(Explore #177!) 1000+ views!??!
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Ice cream!

Hey blogging friends, 

The following paragraph is a graded assignment, nothing to special  just something I had to write and post on my blog. I hope you guys have fun reading about my love of ice cream! PLEASE comment below on what you thought.


Ice cream is my favorite summer dessert! I really like eating it during the summer because it is yummy, it cools you down,and it tastily melts in your mouth. I also enjoy eating it with marshmallows, gummyworms, and M&M topings. Last but not least, my favorite flavor of ice cream is strawberry because it leaves a nice taste in my mouth. Know you know why I love ice cream in the summer so much! The question is, do you?

ice- cream anyone ?
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Who am I?

Hey fellow bloggers,

Today in class we did a “Who am I?” You had to do a food or an object that is usually on your Thanksgiving dinner table. I’m going to share mine with you guys today and you have to try to guess what I am. If you don’t have enough clues as to what I am comment below and I will give you a clue! P.s. My food or object is not the cupcakes below.

I lay down peacefully, quietly hoping that nothing major happens. Everyone’s having a nice fun time sharing stories around the table. I’m watching all of this, observing, taking in every single word and understanding it. All of the sudden something happens, something very big, very major-for me. The whole room erupts in laughter as I am picked up towards my death. Large rough and gritty hands lift up my thin and wispy arms and legs into the air. I flail helplessly like a kits against the wind. “Help!” I shout to whoever may hear me, but it’s too late! WHO AM I?Turkey Lurkey!
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